Optionals for dump trailers

In order to meet the requests of many different customers, we have got ready a wide range of accessories that can personalize the dump trailers according to any specific need.

  • Fixed top edge.

  • Removable top edge – Hydraulic front side panel.

  • Inspection ramp.

  • Stainless steel or iron wings.

  • Industrial-type pneumatic suspension with grading valve and knee spring.

  • Large-section but low inflation tyres.

  • The dumping pump is operated by a hydraulic motor, with no need for a cardan drive.

  • The dump body is equipped with an electrically or hydraulically operated pull on/pull off covering, for covering dusty products.

  • Back opening for the unloading of grains.

  • Solenoid valve unit and control box of the retrotridem system.

  • Perfectly-watertight hydraulically-locked door.