Special models

Slurry tankers

Atmospheric pressure polycentric tankers

  • This is a full range of three-axle tankers with polycentric section made of galvanized sheet or stainless steel. Loading and unloading are operated by a lobe or centrifugal pump through a triturating device that separates and homogenizes the solid particles.

    The filling and delivering accessories can be fitted on all models:

    • Side or front hydraulic suction arm
    • 2-,3-, or 4-nozzle manure burying device
    • device to control spread manure quantity

Special solutions for trucks

  • Pagliari supplies a wide range of special solutions for vehicles used to transport farming manure or special liquid waste or to drain sumps. The tanks, made of galvanised sheet or stainless steel, are type-approved in compliance with the applicable standards. The loading, unloading and draining equipment is the technologically most advanced one and offers the longest service life. The special tanks and equipments can be fitted on all types of chassis.

Special solutions for articulated vehicles

  • We also provide special tanks that can be fitted on articulated vehicles with three, four or five wheels. The machine is so complete with tank, ground distribution system or wastewater burial system and satellite system control.