Two-axles slurry tankers

with patented burying device

B 120 – B 120 – B 160

  • The slurry tankers have the following main characteristics:

    • the tanks have a circular section, are self-supporting and are made of galvanised sheet or stainless steel
    • loading and unloading are operated by a decompression unit and by the aid of a centrifugal pump
    • the vehicle can be equipped with mechanic or pneumatic suspensions and pneumatic or hydraulic brakes

    The filling and delivering accessories can be fitted on all models:

    • side or front hydraulic suction arm
    • 2-,3-,4-nozzle manure-burying device
    • devices to monitor and control the quantity of spread manure


    In order to meet the requests of many different customers, we have got ready a wide range of accessories that can personalize the tankers according to any specific need.

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  • Technical data

    Models B 120B 140B 160
    Overall dimensions ( L x W x H)m7,30 x 2,40 x 2,607,80 x 2,55 x 2,907,80 x 2,55 x 3,00
    Tank capacity (liter)l8.00010.70012.500
    Prescribed overall weightKg14.00014.00014.000
    Required powerKw (HP)66 (90)74 (100)96 (130)