The Company

  • After a quite long  company restructuring process which lasted a few months, the Pagliari Brand is on the market again since 3rd  July 2013,  produced and distributed by a new company: Since 29th July 2015 Al.Pa.Car srl is run by Bini family.

    The company has gone through deep changes as far as organization, administration and management are concerned, but it has preserved unchanged its great wealth of technical and productive experience gathered during its 65-year-old activity in projecting and manufacturing extraordinary agricultural and industrial machines.

    All the historical partners: engineer, mechanics, suppliers, who have helped with their skills and expertise to create the good reputation of our company, have been reinstated in their positions within the productive process, so that we can ensure the same qualitative standards which have always characterized Pagliari machines.  Our Dumpers, Tankers , Cutter Mixers are designed to combine strength, solidity and elegance. Technical competence, long experience and artisanal care allow us to offer machines which can meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Nevertheless new ideas and energies have found place in this context: a more efficient organization of the productive process and a different trade policy allow us to guarantee:

    – precision and punctuality in the execution of orders

    – accurate service and  plans for periodic maintenance

    – high qualitative standards according to the tradition of our brand

    –  the right basis to face foreign markets, which have been quite unknown for us up to now.

    We’d like to seize the opportunity to inform you that the company Al.Pa.Car srl is the only firm that is legally authorized to produce and sell Pagliari machines. Service, spare parts, technical support and information concerning old still working machines can only be required, and offered, at our office, as well. You can contact us here:

    Telephon:  0375.80122    0375.80420     Fax: 0375.808882



    Dante  Bini        Sole Director

    Giusi  Scaglioni  Administrative  office

    Jacopo Bini          Sales dept. (foreign trade)

    Liliana Gardini     Resp. Commerc.  Estero

    Sole Director and Legal Representative:

      Ing. Dante Bini

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    Rimorchi Pagliari

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